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Collegiate Church of St. George

Collegiate Church of St. George

The collegiate church of the castle housed the tombs of the Counts and Dukes of Vendôme, including Jeanne d'Albret and Antoine of Bourbon, parents of Henri IV.

In 1371, after the death of Count Bouchard VII, his sister, Catherine of Vendôme inherited the County of Vendôme. Her marriage with Jean of Bourbon-La-Manche gave birth to the House of Bourbon-Vendôme.

Unfortunately, this sanctuary was desecrated by the Protestant Huguenots in 1562 and by the revolutionaries in 1793. The church was demolished in the 19th century but its layout is materialized by yew hedges, planted in 1935.

Collegiate Church of St. George

The collegiate church, detail of the engraving of the castle in 1680 by Armand Queyroy in 1867, collection of the Museum of Vendôme. Photo by Aurore and Lena - Territoires Vendômois

In the centre, the recumbent statues of Catherine and Jean of Vendôme, Countess and Count of Vendôme and in the background, the funeral monument of Mary of Luxembourg and Francis of Bourbon, formerly in the collegiate church and preserved in the Museum of Vendôme in the CIAP. - Photo by A Veillith Territoires Vendômois

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Castle of Vendôme

Town of Vendôme

Town of Vendôme
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The town of Vendôme showcases its Castle, a medieval fortress dominating the city and birthplace of the Bourbon-Vendôme family.

Discover the landscaped gardens and an exceptional panorama on the city.  Animations brought by the City and the "Castle of Vendôme cradle of Bourbon" associations are proposed throughout the year.


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Château de Vendôme

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