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Cuvée des Perrés

Colour:  Medium dry white 

Variety: Chenin

Terroir: The Cuvee des Perres comes from a select plot of land, which is located at the highest point of the hill.

The subsoil is composed of many stone slabs and flint. On the surface, there are small white stones that we call "perres". During the night, these stones release the heat of the day back to the vines.

A microclimate is created within the plot, which is very favourable to the quality of the grapes.

Climate: northern, protected by the forest of Berce to the North and benefiting from the adjacent valleys and the Loir. The vines enjoy the gentle ambience of Tourangelle.


Cuvée des Perrés


Organoleptic properties

Pale yellow colour with gold/silver highlights, and yellow fruit aromas.

Scallops, cod with a beurre blanc sauce, charcuterie or goat's cheese pastries.

Serve chilled at 12°.

Food and wine pairings

Clean attack on the palate, with notes of yellow grapefruit.


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360° view

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About Domaine Martelliere

Domaine J. Martellière

Wines from Vendômois

Introduction by Jean-Vivien Martellière:

"We have been winemakers for several generations, and my sister and I represent the seventh generation. In 1975, my grandfather developed the wine-making part of the business and began the restructuring of the estate. He also launched direct sales in bottles, which did not exist at the time, including the purchase of a cafe restaurant. He also developed sales at trade shows, where we go to meet with consumers."

Address, contacts and useful information

Domaine Martellière

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46 rue de Fosse


Montoire sur le Loir


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Tel. : 02 54 85 16 91

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Opening times:

Nous sommes disponibles toute l'année au domaine, où nous vous accueillons à la cave pour dégustations et achats.

Le domaine est ouvert tous les jours de 10H à 12h et de 14h à 18H et jours fériés, sur rendez-vous.

The estate is open all year round, and we welcome you to visit the cellar for a tasting or to make a purchase. The estate is open every day from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm, and public holidays by appointment.

Domaine J. Martellière - Cuvée Jasnières

Vignoble familial, où sont produits les vins de la Vallée du Loir, des vins dits de « Terroir », et de caractère, composés de trois  AOC :
Jasnières, Coteaux du Vendômois, et Coteaux du Loir



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