Castle of Vendôme

Town of Vendôme


Castle in the 17th and park in the 19th century

Castle in the 17th and park in the 19th century

In the 17th century, Duke Cesar of Vendôme, illegitimate son of Gabrielle d'Estrée and Henri IV, divided his time between Paris and his castles of Anet and Vendôme where he built an extra manor house, a gateway to the South and built an access ramp to open the castle to the outside.

Abandoned by his heirs in the 18th century, the castle was attached to the crown in 1712 but did not get any more attention. In 1791, the ruin of the castle is confirmed by its sale to various owners.

The majestic cedar, planted in 1807, testifies to its renewal as a recreational park.

Castle in the 17th and park in the 19th century

Portrait of Cesar of Vendôme (1594 Coucy de Château - 1665 Paris), photo by A Veillith Territoires Vendômois

Engraving of the castle of Vendôme in the 17th century, by Armand Queyroy in 1867, collection of the museum of Vendôme - Photo by Aurore and Léna Territoires Vendômois

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Castle of Vendôme

Town of Vendôme

Town of Vendôme
Department of economic development 

(heritage animation)

The town of Vendôme showcases its Castle, a medieval fortress dominating the city and birthplace of the Bourbon-Vendôme family.

Discover the landscaped gardens and an exceptional panorama on the city.  Animations brought by the City and the "Castle of Vendôme cradle of Bourbon" associations are proposed throughout the year.


Association Castle of Vendôme cradle of Bourbon

Contact: chateaudeVendome@gmail.com

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Château de Vendôme

Commune de Vendôme - Direction du développement économique (animation du patrimoine)

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Communauté du Pays de Vendôme

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Château de Vendôme (41) - Château au 17e et parc au 19e siècle


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